Monday, August 23, 2010

Number 9 - Caramel Apple

Yeah, I did it. The Caramel Apple. Someone reading this just said, what a caramel apple is not man food. Think again hombre! First off caramel apples are food on a stick, now if that doesn't qualify it to be a man food I don't know what does. Secondly, they are messy as hell. You try eating one without getting it on your hands or face. Third, they are good.

Caramel Apples have been a staple at the fair for nearly a century. The first known dipping of an apple was done in 1908 with the candy apple. At many fairs and festivals you can find both caramel and candy apples with a variety of different coatings, however in the United State Caramel reigns supreme. Check back tomorrow for numbers 8 and 7 on the top ten list of manly fair foods as Fair Week continues.

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