Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two Recipe Tuesday - Bacon Wrapped Steak

Bacon wrapped steak has been around for a long time, in fact the first Fillet Mignon appeared in the mid 1800's in the United States. The bacon around the Fillet Mignon was added due to the lack of fat in the beef cut. The bacon adds flavor and allows the meat to become even more tender as it cooks. While the Fillet Mignon is a dainty little bacon wrapped meat morsel it just will not do for a manly appetite. If you want to be a little bitch ass go ahead and enjoy one today, but if you want to be a man read on. Lets take the bacon wrapping concept and supercharge it with a thick ass man sized Porterhouse. I am not talking those grocery store quarter inch thick things they call a Porterhouse either, I am talking about a inch and an half or bigger cut of deliciousness. Now take that shit and wrap it in bacon. Enjoy with a mega stuffed baked potato (Recipe coming next Tuesday), some type of vegetable and of course a shit load of beer. Now you are talking about man food.

Bacon Wrapped Porterhouse Recipe

1 1/2" or Larger Cut of Awesomeness
Your favorite steak rub or marinade

Preheat the grill
Take marinated or rubbed steak and wrap bacon around the outside edge. Use toothpicks to hold into place (3 to 4 toothpics per slice. Lay bacon in a crisscross method over the top of the steak and pin down the edges with tootpicks to hold into place. When grill is at 350 to 400 degrees put the steak on bacon side up. Cook for 15 minutes and flip. Cook until desired level of pink inside. The longer you took the less pink and the more dry the steak will become.

Take that heart attack in the making off the grill and let cool for 10 minutes before cutting. Remove toothpicks and eat that shit and enjoy.

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