Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Webs - Brewmasters Dream

Summer Sausage is good any season of the year. Which makes me wonder why they sell so much of it during the winter time at the malls. Anyway with Christmas fast approaching why not give an awesomely original gift that only the web can provide. That gift would be a combination of beer and summer sausage, but not in the way that most would figure. Usinger's meats have created the brewmasters dream.
For $30 you get all of the following:
Beer SalamiBeef Hickory Sticks Summer Sausage
Hickory Sticks Summer Sausage
Mellow Aged Cheddar
Spicy Pepper Jack 
Beer Nuts
Gourmet Snack Crackers
Sausage Knife
Now the best part is obviously the beer salami shown in the photo to the left.Can you say originality. Check out Usingers website via the link below.

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