Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thirsty Thursday - Great Lakes The Wright Pils

So this is the first in a new Thursday series I call Thirsty Thursday. Each week I will bring you a new beer that I have tried, I don't give a shit how it pours or how many fingers of head there is. I am not a pretentious dick and only care if it tastes good, I mean hell after a six pack even Bush Light tastes good. So let's start off with one that is close to home for me:

Being from Dayton, Ohio (The true birthplace of Aviation, Fuck off North Carolina) an Ohio brewing company Great Lakes introduced in 2010 The Wright Pils, however this beer was only available at the Great Lakes store until it went into distribution in mid 2012. This beer was meant to honor those two legends of powered flight Orville and Wilbur Wright. All in all I have to say this beer was not bad, it is very drinkable with no real bitterness. Between the story and the beer I think Great Lakes has a winner here, the only downside it's a seasonal only beer that is available only during the summer months.

Great Lakes Website:

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