Saturday, September 11, 2010

Man Recipe - Pat's Authentic Philly Cheesesteak Recipe

OK, so I found this one online and thought I would share it with you. It is the bomb. Geno's and Pat's have been battling it out for decades in what could be the most famous food fight of all time. Today I will show you the Pat's reciepe and next Saturday I will give you Geno's. Enjoy:


Philly Cheesesteak Recipe - Makes 1 Philly Cheesesteak

1/4 pound very thinly sliced steak (rib eye is recommended)
1/4 cup onion, sliced or chopped Cheez Whiz processed cheese spread or provolone cheese Italian style roll Saute the onions in a small amount of oil in a heavy skillet. Add the sliced steak when the onions are almost done. Cook the steak for about 5 minutes, or til it is how you like it.Follow the instructions on the Cheez Whiz jar to heat it.Toast the roll if you want, but the authentic Philly cheesesteak recipe doesn't.Put the sauteed onions and sliced steak on the roll. Drizzle with heated Cheez Whiz or add a slice of provolone on top. (The heat from the steak and onions will melt the provolone cheese.)The onions are optional. You can add other garnishes such as sauteed mushrooms and/or peppers if you like. Some people like to douse their Philly cheesesteak sandwiches with ketchup. The choice is yours.

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