Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Man Tip Tuesday - Pour Down Center

While this commercial is funny, there is some truth to pouring down the center. There is also a trick to it as well. When pouring down the center of the glass most people produce a beer head about two to three inches thick. Unfortunately this is a man drinking fail. To judge a good head (unless you are drinking Guinness) use a two finger rule. If your head is between one and two fingers thick then you have done a good job. Other than the ridicule your buddies will give you for an improper pour there are some reasons why the proper head on a beer is necessary. Too much head can release much of the carbonation too quickly making the beer see flat and too little head will retain that carbonation in the beer making you gassy.

The trick to pouring down center and getting the proper head is patience. Take your time. If the beer gulps out of the bottle you are going way too fast. Use a shallow angle and let the beer flow. Good luck and next time your buddies pour that massive head revel in the fact that you are enjoying your properly poured beer while they have to wait for their head to settle.

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