Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Steak Tip - Does price = Quality? Hell No!

So my wife and I went out to what is know as one of the best steak houses in the nation. My wife and I are not upscale in any way. We are just your average American family from the Midwest. After paying an arm and a leg for a 24oz. Porterhouse I wanted to sink my teeth in right away. To my amazement it was only average. This got me thinking why would so many people adorn this place as being so good.when it was actually sub-par. Then it hit me. The usual customers at this establishment were mostly upper class and after putting two and two together these folks wouldn't be caught dead at a place like Long Horn or Logan's Roadhouse. They have no frame of reference, they don't know you can get a better steak at a cheaper price somewhere else. The problem with this is that these people who are giving an uninformed opinion on quality have such a great influence over public opinion that this place is seen as the best. When is society going to awaken from this trance and remember that just because it cost more and someone who can afford the more said it was the best, doesn't always mean it was the best. I am now stepping off my soapbox. Thanks let me know what you think in the comments below and remember to tell your friends about this blog

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